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Health Precautions after rain and Floods

Disease Prevention Precautions

Do not drink water from rivers or lakes in the flooded areas. Contaminated flood waters may have impacted the rivers in flooded areas, and the drinking water is not be safe to drink. 

Do not eat or drink anything exposed to flood water, or that may have gone bad due to lack of power to your refrigerator. Remember, “When in doubt, toss it out”.  

Minimize skin contact with flood water, especially cuts and sores. Keep them clean and covered. 

No one should be in flood water; do not allow children to play in flood water. Remember, even shallow rapidly flowing flood water may sweep you off of your feet. 

Keep contaminated objects, water and hands away from your mouth, eyes and nose. 

Wash hands frequently with soap and clean water, especially after bathroom use, before eating and immediately following contact with flood water or contaminated objects or surfaces.