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Get Vaccinated at home/ work

Spread the word, not the flu.

❗️Get your flu shot à domicile by our doctor. You stay at home we come to you. Vaccine for babies as from 6 months old till elderlies. Stay safe from the flu and it's complications. Get latest flu shots with immunization from H1N1/ H3N2 With our free graphic of work we come to your place at your given time specially for those celebrating #ramadan. ❗️Having staff away from work because they have caught influenza (the flu) can be very costly for your organisation.

#say_no_to_flu_H1N1 #get_vaccinated Healthy, immunised working adults experience significantly fewer days off work and have fewer doctor visits. Research has shown that employees that have been vaccinated have had up to 44 percent fewer doctor visits and up to 45 percent fewer lost workdays. By encouraging your teams to immunise against influenza you lessen the chance of it being spread around the workplace possibly leading to significant staff. We can come onto your premises to administer the vaccine with minimal interruption to your productivity. Often they can be scheduled to work in with your company’s needs such as shift work timetables. Usually a vaccinator can take care of everything including: Providing information for staff members to make an informed decision about whether they wish to be vaccinated Answering commonly-asked questions about influenza vaccination 58017777 for more details

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