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7 Health tips for a Rainy day

There are so many fun things that you can do on a rainy day. But a rainy day can be extremely dangerous for you, speaking health wise. Due to consistent spells of rain, humidity settles in and that allows infectious bacteria and viruses to spread faster than ever. 

So while you’re out there, enjoying a rainy day, be sure to take certain precautions. The following tips will arm you against ‘raining’ infections on and after a rainy day.

1️⃣Walking around in wet clothes is like begging to fall sick. It is highly recommended that you carry an extra pair of clothing with you at all times during a rainy day. You can at least have a life-saving towel in your bag. A phase of incessant shivering is usually followed by a fever and common cold. Congrats! You just invited virus into your body. 

2️⃣Avoid getting wet in the rain! This may sound redundant yet many people forget to carry an umbrella or proper rain gear. Carry rain-repulsive items and lower the chances of any disease catching you by surprise. In case your feet get wet, wipe dry with a towel immediately as moisture can lead to fungal infections. 

3️⃣You can ignore this very basic directive a hundred times and yet it’ll come back to haunt you. So washing your hands remains at the top of the list when it comes to taking precautions during any season. Now during rainy days , bacteria and viruses become pro-active and there are countless ways in which you can come in contact with these microscopic monsters! So go ahead, tap that liquid soap, carry a sanitizer, and act ‘hygienic’ before every meal. 

4️⃣Did you know? Handkerchiefs are in fact utility based. Yes, they’re not about manners or filling pockets, they serve a purpose. Flu virus can enter your body through the mouth, eyes, and even your nose. So try not to touch your face very often. So resist the urge to scratch , use the handkerchief to wipe your face, don’t dig your nose (eurgh! You do that?), and try to keep your hands off your face. 

5️⃣Now this one is a little difficult to ‘digest’ but so is the food on the streets these days. The oily, tempting, unhygienic load of everything spicy and tangy isn't fit for a rainy day folks. Your favorite street food items are prepared in open air, out on the streets, and are carriers of waterborne diseases and stomach infections. Pack your lunch, switch to healthy (yes boring) alternatives, and stop looking at those roadside stalls with such hungry eyes.

6️⃣Herbal tea has a therapeutic effect on your body and can do wonders to your overall health. If you somehow ended up getting drenched in the rain, quickly prepare some herbal tea for yourself. Just add cloves, cinnamon, basil, pepper, and ginger to that brewing beauty and gulp it down. These are body warming ingredients which have other benefits too.

7️⃣A rainy day clogs gutters and fills road craters with dirty water thereby leaving behind a dirt cocktail. Now your feet, if left exposed to all this poison, can cause unwanted, ugly, and irritating skin infections. Moreover, exposed areas of your body are a platform for water-borne diseases as well. So keep yourself covered and be sure to ‘shoe’ those bacteria and viruses away! 

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