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A one-of-a-kind medical and wellness benefit your
employees will love!

With Médecin à domicile- Company Doctor 

Patients get what they need, not what they can afford. Our doctors practice Evidence Based Medicine based on International Guidelines and will give your employees honest, relevant and reliable medical advice and support.

Your employees can talk to our doctors – whether they are at home, at the office, on a business trip or on vacation.

With Médecin à domicile- Company Doctor, they will no longer need to leave early or take the day off to see a doctor – we are available 7-7, at the click of a button.

Company doctor is available to your company for a very minimal fee based on number of staffs, tests and frequency of visits.


Employees are a company’s greatest asset; an integral part of the company’s mission. For that, it is crucial to keep your employees happy, healthy and productive.

For Employers, this unique health and wellness benefit increases overall productivity.

Benefits for Employers

Affordable healthcare

Cut costs using our savings program
based on Evidence Based Medicine

Fast doctor's appointment

Reduce sick leave
and absenteeism

Treatment at home

Control overutilization

Cardiac Ecg test

Keep your employees healthy
and productive

Right Diagnosis from our experienced doctors

Retain table of benefits
for employees

10000 Happy patients

Increase employee satisfaction
and retention

Are your employees your greatest asset?

Our  virtual and on-site corporate  doctor service can help you keep your employees healthy and productive. Best of all, it can help you reduce healthcare costs.


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