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Hotel Doctor

With Médecin à domicile- Hotel Doctor 

Hotel doctor service is established to provide your staffs and your guests hotel on site consultation service and follow ups.


Our premium service is taylor made, which provides your establishment with optimum care to your staff and your guests.  There health becomes our priority. A healthier environment feels safer and stress free.


Patients get what they need, not what they can afford. Our doctors practice Evidence Based Medicine based on International Guidelines and will give your staff and guest honest, relevant and reliable medical advice and support.

The last thing you or your guests wants is a trip to clinic or even see an ambulance on hotel territory. Don’t worry our service helps you with immediate care at your resort, villa or home with our friendly and quick and discreet approach. Our doctors are fluent in many languages which provides a greater communication and stronger doctor patient bond.


With Médecin à domicile- Company Doctor, they will no longer need to leave early or take the day off to see a doctor – we are available 7-7, at the click of a button. 

Hotel doctor service  is available to your company for a very minimal fee based on needs and package..


Your Health

Our Priority

Resort Doctor

A one-of-a-kind medical and wellness benefit your
guests and staffs will love!


Our  virtual and on-site corporate doctor service can help you keep your employees healthy and productive. Best of all, it can help you reduce healthcare costs.


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