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Corporate Health and Wellness

Are your employees your greatest asset?

According to an article published by Forbes, 87% of workers worldwide are emotionally disconnected from their workplace and less likely to be productive. Not only that, but stress in the workplace is costing employers and employees. Studies show that companies spend approximately 300 billion U.S. dollars a year on healthcare and absenteeism as a result of workplace stress.

Healthy employees are happier and more productive.

Médecin à domicile- Company Doctor health and wellness program aims to meet employees’ medical and wellness goals, taking into consideration individual specific needs and abilities. All the follows and treatments are done regularly on site. 

We screen the silent killers* before they surprise you.

*Silent killers: Disease such as High BP, Cholesterol, Diabetes which don't manifest any symptoms

Corporate Health and Wellness Program Features

doctor’s consultation

On-site instant tests

Remote support from our doctors via phone and video Telemedecine


Health Tracking ( BP, Glucose, weight etc)

via our Mobile app

Lab tests

Reliable medical advice


Informative presentations about
important medical and wellness topics

Patient medical record on the go

accessible through mobile app or web

Benefits for Employers

Control overutilization

Control medical expenses

Reduce sick leave
and absenteeism .

Keep your employees happy, healthy
and productive.

Benefits for Employees

Reduction in unnecessary doctor

Immediate access.
No long waiting hours to speak to a doctor.

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