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Patient Medical Records

Health Trackers 

Getting sick is an inconvenience, but
having access to 
quality care shouldn’t be.
With Médecin à domicile, you can have 7-7 access to quality care anywhere and from anywhere , whether at your home, office, on a business trip or vacation through our bi-directional, integrated and interactive mobile application which gives you access to our doctors who will assist you with your medical and wellness needs. 
Mobile Application Features
Call us now 24/7
Call Doctor
7-7 access to speak to our  doctors to assist & educate you on your medical condition.
Medical Records
Keep track of weight, blood sugar readings & average level along with past readings, presented in an easy to read graph.
Email us


Q & A, tips based on user conditions & preference.

Fast doctor's appointment
The built-in appointment feature keeps track of users’ medical appointments & sends a push notification/SMS once an appointment is scheduled.


Q & A, tips based on user conditions & preference.*

ECG Cardiac
Virtual appointment with our health experts.
Health vitals

Health Tracking ( Regular tracking Glucose, Blood pressure, Cholesterol etc)*

Reception 24/7
Video consultation with doctors for opinions or health tips
Treatment at home

Complete track of your Medication 

Doctor 24/7
Connect with doctors to share your health vitals *
Medical Records

Health Records on the go (Patient health records). Never have to lose results, consultation records or health data. Everything in one app


Synchronize your health tracking devices directly 

* Available for Monitoring plan subscribers only

Mobile phone with healthcare app on wood

Everything under one app

  • Patient Medical Records
  • Health Vitals Remote Tracking
  • Telemedicine consultation
  • Online Booking 
  • Health Alerts 
  • Health Tracker Graphs
  • Medical Journal
  • Complete E-Health Platform
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