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Dear patients!


We are looking forward to your offer our treatment within the comfort of your home or workplace by our experienced professionals.. We are a group of motivated professionals offering medical treatment all around Mauritius. We do our best to offer excellent service for a minimal cost. Our multidisciplinary medical team is ready to provide quality and timely services. "Your health - our concern." That's why patients can be assured of quality. 

Imagine you have to transport your sick parents, children or babies to go to a doctor or hospital for emergencies or follow ups. Worry no more, our doctors, Nursing Officers, HCA come to you and provide you instant relief with our medical services. 

No need to queue for hours or pay astronomical fee just  to receive outpatient treatment. You call us and we come to you with our diagnostic tools and all the basic common drugs, 

Due to loolalikes and copy cats do demand for a proper receipt from our company. We guarantee the best medical service only from our team professionals. 



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