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Fit at work- Office Doctor

With this modern era, staff's everyday health is vital for the well being and growth of your company. Our Company Doctor service help you to bring new ideas, regular health screening, medical fitness , contre medical, counseling etc on the spot. Your staff don't need to miss their daily work. We come to them. Not all employers provide, or have access to, on spot health services and must rely on information from outside to help you to get back to, or remain, in work. In addition, work-related health information can be accessed easily by our constant follow ups. The aim of a company Doctor service is

🔹encouraging a healthier working lifestyle

🔹health screening of staffs regularly 🔹Follow up chronic diseases/medical fitness 🔹decreasing sickness absences

🔹work with employer to implement new ideas and innovation for a healthier working day 

🔹provide advice and counselling to employees

🔹provide your employer with advice and guidance around making reasonable adjustments to your working conditions.

🔹Health monitoring with the help of GP, Dentist, psychologist, nutritionist, optician blood tests, exercise session at office etc  Services for each company differs as per requirement , location and size of staffs.

Feel free to contact us 58017777

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